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Distance Reimagined

We connect our customers with our exceptional tech talent, empowering them to build diverse, flexible and inclusive teams that drive innovation and growth.


Value proposition

Our goal at Distanza is to create a more robust tech workforce by bridging the digital divide between our clients worldwide and our exceptional talent.


Our mission is to equip our clients with rare skills and expertise, enabling them to build diverse, agile, and inclusive teams. Through our innovative approach, we empower businesses to achieve their goals by accessing top-tier tech talent and fostering a culture of growth and excellence. 

We work hand-in-hand with our clients, to understand culture, business objectives and resourcing needs.

About Us
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About Us

Distanza was founded by a diverse team of professionals with expertise in finance, management consulting, engineering, architecture, and technology entrepreneurship, spread across multiple continents.


Our founding team recognized the need for specialized tech talent, particularly during a global pandemic that required a remote-first approach to business. In response to this demand, we developed our innovative platform to connect businesses with exceptional talent, regardless of location.


We initially identified South Africa as a key delivery jurisdiction, given the abundance of highly skilled resources within the emerging technology economy. Today, we continue to offer top-tier talent solutions to empower businesses worldwide to thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Pillars of excellence

Pillars of Excellence


We understand transitioning, and the need to remain competitive in an exponentially changing digital ecosystem. We leverage the cutting edge to help our clients continue delivering business value.


Our ability to evolve, as the technology landscape and our customer needs change, differentiates us. Adaptability and flexibility is reflected in our value proposition and  client offerings.


Our culture encourages strategic thinking and the confidence to challenge the status quo. This allows our employees to become an integral part of our clients' long term success.


We provide a seamless onboarding experience for our customers, through identifying and providing the right capability and cultural fit of employee for their business needs.


Customer success is part of our DNA, we are obsessed with providing the best customer experience and ensuring a partnership through long-term mutually beneficial relationships.


Spanning across multiple time zones, we understand and have embraced the remote way of delivering digital value, built on a borderless business model with founders from across the globe.

Our Offering

Strategic Augmentation

Team Members

Enablement of your business by augmenting your team with vetted and experienced individuals with proven technical capabilities.

Tiger Teams

Cross-functional teams or offshore managed delivery centres hand-picked to solve your business problems through focused efforts.

Focus Areas

Our Focus Areas


NLP/Generative AI

Data Science

Data Analytics


Data Engineering

Cloud Computing



Full Stack Development

UI/UX Design

Mobile Development

Design Thinking



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